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1.  CLARIFY your calling, brand or mission



2. CREATE a platform for your calling, brand or mission



3. CATAPULT your calling, brand or mission


Your VIP Day Experience

Increase your bottom line by securing a VIP Day Mastermind Experience with Marketplace Strategist, Dr. Shirley Clark. Your VIP Day Experience can be face-to-face or virtual. For one day (7 hrs), we will clarify, create and catapult your business to its next level to generate income, eliminate distractions (and other barriers) along with designing a strategic model for growth and marketing. Also, because Dr. Clark has a office in Holland and have partners that are host of television and radio shows, your business and/or book can be marketed in all of these outlets.

*BONUS: Up to 3 months free follow-up sessions

                2 free consultants with one of our additional Millionaire

                Pray & Grow Richer Team members

                Free ebook of any Dr. Clark's books

Your One Time Investment:

Contact our office for more details


What you will learn at your VIP Day With Dr. Clark

  • How to leverage social media and make residual income from your social media platforms

  • How to improve your online presence to capture your ideal client and be viewed as an expert in your industry

  • How to create a digital marketing campaign to generate interest in your product and/or service

  • Learn the difference between branding and marketing

  • Gain clarity on your brand identity and messaging that authentically represents who you are

  • How to build the right website for your brand

  • How to meet celebrities and attach them to your brand

  • How to create the right coaching/consultant package(s) for your brand

  • How to turn a book into a business system

  • How to design a press kit

  • How to self-publish a book and become a best-selling author on Amazon

  • How to develop, build and launch a product line & get worldwide distribution

  • Learn how to network your book to the top

  • Learn how to set speaking/consultant fee

  • Gain the keys to your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)


And so much more

Your VIP Day experience will include:

  • Transportation to and from airport 

  • Accommodations at a 4-5 star hotel (Done virtually)

  • Lunch

  • Complimentary copies of all of Dr. Clark's wealth resource tools & workbooks

To inquire or book your VIP Day with Dr. Clark, email

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