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              Dr. Peter Bonadie                                 Ambassador Dr. Patricia Bailey             Pastors Dewitt & Kim Jones                           Bishop Keith Farmer                              Pastors Tomm & Brenda Todd

      Kingdom Life Ministries Int'l                            Master's Touch Ministries                King's Chapel (Forever Jones)          Impact Network, Community Director         Founder, GapStanders Ministries Int'l

            Prophetess Mwaka                                 Attorney Faith Johnson                             Pastor Karen Drumm                                 Dr. Sheba George                               Pastors Charles & Kisha Bethany

     Founder, Fresh Aroma Ministry                Retired Texas District Judge                 Founder, Rain Storm Conference               Founder/Superintendent                                          The Ark Church

    Prophetic Voice for Africa/Radio        Former Dallas County District Attorney              The Sanctuary Church                              Newman Academy                                Daystar Network Singers & Former 

         & Television Personality                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Asst. Director of Music (Charles)

     Apostle Shyami Maridjan                          Apostle Barbara McClain                   Pastor Gale Mc Koy-George                    Apostle Diane Washington                    Bishop Clarence & Dr. Joyce Haddon

        Global Prominence                               Barbara McClain Ministries                   Good News Ministries Int'l                      Trinity Deliverance Church                                High Praise Cathedral

        Apostle Larita Rice-Barnes                        Prophet Bridgette Johnson                     Prophetess Cindy Hoskins                         Apostle Rocinda Barnor                               Prophet Sharmee Pratt

  Leader, RESET America RESET Africa          Founder, BridgeBuilders Int'l               Founder, Pure Image Ministries              Business Owner. Health Coach                    Founder, Free 2 Be Life Coaching  

                  Radio Host                                        Leading Prophetic Voices In                             International                                                Author                                                             Author

                                                                                America, TV Personality          

Prayer Leaders

  Apostle Deborah Anderson                    Abena Cabbil                                   Crystal McCorkell                             Michelle Dillard                   Prophetess Maureena Summers

          Church Mountain                Arts & Entertainment Mountain        Arts & Entertainment Mountain               Business Mountain             Founder, Meet Me At The Wall Min.

       Pastor Tenelle Torrence                            Nichole  Mays                                   Mechelle Dunlap                                  Bro. Frank Beck

  Arts & Entertainment Mountain                 Family Mountain                                 Church Mountain                                  Media Mountain

        Geroldine Williams                              Rachel Phillips                               Elder Catherine Johnson                          Tammie Codwell

          Media Mountain                            Education Mountain                               Business Mountain                       Family & Church Mountain

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Join Dr. Pat Bailey for this special Mother's Day Weekend Prayer Initiative.





Soaking Prayers


One of the greatest moves that are sweeping across this nation now in the body of Christ is soaking prayers.  It is learning how to be quiet in God’s presence, so that He might impregnate us with His vision as well as empower us to do greater things for Him for His glory. Some have even been healed in His presence like this.


This is what has changed or sped up God moving in my life in such a powerful way. Things that in the past took years to happen, God is now doing it in a day or week or month.


As I soak in His presence, He downloads information, direction and technology to help me fulfill the mandate that is upon my life. I have never experienced anything like this before.  It is amazing!  All I can tell you; it works.


I don’t have a copyright or patent on this, so everybody can take advantage of being in His presence like this. It is a guarantee increase response.

What is soaking?


Soaking is taking time to simply be quiet for moments in a day, silently laying before Him with soft soaking music playing, letting Him overshadow you.


No, soaking is not transcendental meditation or yoga.  It’s just laying in His presence – giving Him time to fellowship with you. We have to quiet our minds and spirits, so we can hear God more clearly. And soaking in His presence is an excellent way to do this.


Let’s face it, this world is a noisy place, and until we can designate some respite times in our lives, we will never rest. Often we are like the proverbial rat or hamster running constantly on the wheel in a cave – never reaching a destination.

Soaking Music


When you are intimate with your spouse, you don’t put on loud or upbeat music; no, you play music that is conducive to the setting.  This is what is required with times like this with the Father. There is so much wonderful soaking music out now.  Here is a list of some of my favorite artists.


  • Julie True

  • Grace Williams

  • Jason Upton

  • Roberto & Kimberly Rivera

  • Rick Pino


All of these artists’ music is available on Youtube, Spotify, itunes and Pandora. The best way to enjoy these artists is to create a playlist.  However, on Pandora, you cannot create a playlist, but you can set your radio station to one of these artists and it will find other artists with similar sounds and play them. You want these sounds in your house all the time.

Excerpt from Dr. Shirley Clark's book,

"Pray & Grow Richer."

Copyrighted 2013 | Shirley Clark International Ministries

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