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In order to succeed in life, you must understand your God-given destiny.

So often we strive in life trying to achieve

things to get ahead, but in actuality because we

have never discovered our destiny, we are always

defeated. To break the cycle of this recurring pattern, I want to help you discover the obstacles that often hinder you from seeing your destiny along with empowering you with practical tools to assist you in discovering it.

Dr. Shirley K. Clark

Your Destiny, Vision & Strategy Coach


Life is full of ebbs and flows, so if you need someone to talk to or just need prayer, contact our office.


Whether you are interested in learning how to be a better leader or want to be certified in a specialized area in ministry, or how to pray more accurately, our leadership institute can assist you!


If you need someone to assist you more personally for an extended amount of time to aid you in bringing clarity to your life as well as design a strategic plan for your life, you might want to consider hiring one of our Destiny & Vision Coaches.


Please visit our bookstore to see all the wonderful resource materials we have available to enrich your spiritual life.

You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!


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