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  • If you are an Experienced Expert, Business Owner, or Leader in your industry

  • If you want to raise your visibility, credibility, authority, impact and income

  • If you recognize that time is your most precious resource, and you don't want to waste it.

  • Then register for the Masterclass Now!


Elanie Powell

Elaine Powell is The Thought Disruptor™️ Keynote Speaker and creator of the T.H.I.N.K. Methodology.  These five thinking disciplines are game changers for individuals or organizations wanting to excel their team’s leadership, performance, and human potential.

Elaine has spoken at over 200 events worldwide, and trained over 35,000 people including senior leaders, c-suite executives, and thought leaders in the power of transformational thinking and communication skills. She has been a former TEDx curator in London for three years and was featured in Forbes talking about TEDx and Forbes Morocco as a trailblazing entrepreneur. As well as a Producer of Amazon Prime Speak UP series.


Elaine is also the founder of The MindSpeak Academy which supports experts and thought leaders, to increase their visibility, credibility, and authority by amplifying their ideas, messages, and stories in outstanding presentations and TED and TEDx talks.


KEY #1: Learn my 5 Pillars To Becoming A TEDx Speaker. These will support you in being a TEDx and Paid Speaker too!

KEY #2: Understanding the do’s and don’ts of becoming a TEDx speaker

KEY #3: Challenges that my clients and you may face going through this process

Key #4: Why speaking at a TEDx event can propel you into the world of paid speaking

Key #5: Stay until the very end of the Masterclass and you will get two free gifts.







Then let Elaine tell you about Cath.

We began working with Cath because she knew that she had a calling inside of her to grow, expand and be a better version of herself.

But Cath:

  • Did not know how to become a TEDx speaker and hadn’t done anything about it

  • Had many ideas and didn’t know which one to choose

  • Was unsure if others would want to hear her ideas

  • Harbored the imposter syndrome of “Am I good enough”

Do any of these resonate with you?


In a short interview that you will see in the masterclass that I asked Cath, “Is there anything you wish that you did differently?”

She said “I wish that I started this self-discovery process earlier.

I thought about doing a TEDx Talk for a long time but I was in awe of it all. I didn’t know how to approach it, as it seemed a daunting prospect.

Then going through the process of delivering a TEDx Talk, unlocked the confidence within me.

I just wish I had started this process years ago. I could have reaped more benefits in my life instead of holding myself back for so long.”

Three months after delivering her TEDx talk, Cath:

  • Speaks on stages and at summits around the world

  • Her business has grown

  • Launched her second book and

  • Is oozing and embracing her confidence

There are so many benefits to delivering a TEDx Talk - you will discover yours too!



We invite you to join me for this masterclass!

Why listen to Elaine?

  • She's been a public speaking coach for 13 years

  • She's been a professional highly-paid $10k


  • She's trained over 35,000 people in

       public speaking

  • She is a former TEDx curator for three

        years in London

  • She is a current speaker coach for


  • She helped over 100 people deliver their

       TEDx talks

  • She is an Ex stand-up comedian (and, yes, it was scary… Lol)

  • And she loves supporting people to grow in this incredible art form of speaking


Let’s ensure you get to share your message, idea, story and truth in the most powerful way as possible.

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About Event Host

Dr. Clark is a 35 years veteran sought out Les Brown International Keynote Speaker with invitations from India, Africa, London, Japan, New Zealand, South America, Pakistan, Kuwait & North America. She is a TV/Podcast Host, Certified Master Life & Executive Business Coach, Millionaire Brand Strategist, Celebrity Spiritual Advisor, Chief Soaking Officer (CSO), City Mobilizer, Mental Mindset Coach, Philanthropist, Small Business Development Consultant and an Award-Winning 10x #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author. And throughout her speaking career, she has served as a catalyst in the community to provoke people to fulfill their purpose in life. Dr. Clark's passion is exemplified through her literary works as she has authored over 40 inspirational, motivational & business educational tools with a reader's audience in Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Korea, Germany, Bahrain, Kuwait, Holland, Africa, London, Canada, Trinidad, Australia, and the U.S.


Dr. Clark is the Founder & Chancellor of Pray & Grow Richer University. Through her numerous platforms and university, she has trained and coached over 30,000 entrepreneur, certified over 100 coaches (Life, Business & Marketplace). For over 23 years, Dr. Clark has been the CEO of a very successful business, Clark’s Consulting Firm, LLC. CCF is a business incubation management service provider, which is comprised of six (6) businesses: A Writer’s Agency, PR, Marketing & Branding Dept, Corporate Coaching & Consulting Services, a Business Institute, Event Planning, and an Entertainers & Speakers’ Management Professional Service Bureau.


 Dr. Clark’s Firm mainly services & collaborates with 6, 7 & 8 figure clients: corporate executives, medical doctors, community leaders, business owners, judges, professional speakers, governmental officials, attorneys, and best-selling authors.

Dr. Clark has been seen on over 400 media outlets and been on the cover of 5 magazines to meet the demand for their services and trainings. Her Firm is known for making millionaires. CCF has 4 offices: Texas, Michigan, North Carolina and in Holland.

Dr. Shirley K. Clark
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