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About the Challenge

The 90 Day Mastermind Wealth Challenge is a compilation of information and coaching tips that I learned from books, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and other materials written by millionaires that I followed exclusively to help increase my financial portfolio. In addition, I added in my years of learning and seeking in the presence of God to help me “speed up” the increase process that the millionaires wrote and talked about. Also, in several millionaires’ materials they indicated that they did a certain exercise for 90 days and this was the initial breakthrough for them seeing increase in their finances. So I did what they said we should do, and my income increased. This is how the 90 Day Mastermind Wealth Challenge was birthed. As well, this challenge consists of many of the other strategies that I used to catapult my financial situation to another level during my breakthrough season.

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Included in the Coaching Kit:

  • Pray & Grow Richer Book

  • Pray & Grow Richer Devotional Journal

  • Pray & Grow Richer Reflections Diary

  • Pray & Grow Richer T-Shirt

  • Pray & Grow Richer Wristband


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