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Dr. Clark teaching on the NOW Network.

Dr. Clark interviewing Tawanda Williams on her Pray & Grow Richer Show on the NOW Network. Tawanda was born with no arms and she is the author of "Unarmed and Dangerous." Tawanda is a best-selling author and a Les Brown Platinum Speaker.

Dr. Shirley Live Show

Dr. Clark interviewing Coach Krystal Henry about her new release book, "Made To Lead Millions."

Dr. Clark is talking with Dr. Keith Johnson about how God turned his bad financial situation around for His good.

Dr. Shirley Clark teaching on how to "Think Like a Millionaire, Be A Millionaire" for Dr. George Fraser's PowerNetworking Conference as a Digital Facilitator

Dr. Shirley Clark preaching at
The Potter's House Church in Dallas, TX under the leadership of Bishop T. D. Jakes,
a 30,000 Membership Church

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